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A successful combination of traditional projects with a unique and light note of the modern design is considered to be a real skill. A perfectly designed interior means not only arrangement of facilities and appropriate colours, but also a first-rate selection of the smallest details, as they influence its attractiveness and give it its unique character. Well-qualified Polish designers at Nomet developed a range of products meeting even the most stringent expectations of our Customers, strongly emphasising their individuality. Every day we seek new solutions, apply the cutting-edge technologies to effectively use raw materials of the highest quality and fully meet your needs.

Our designers provide classic, stylised and avant-garde handles. Interesting design and inspirational solutions result in exceptional effects and make even the smallest detail in the interior design of great importance for the final result. Creations of the Nomet designers give charm even to the simplest doors, and handles, previously disregarded, become their most important ornamental feature.


Our objective is to develop original designs and to inspire our Customers; therefore we are open to cooperation with designers and design agencies.

We would like to invite all designers, interested in developing designs or using Nomet products in their works, to contact us. Please complete the contact form.

We are sure that by working together we will be able to create even more attractive offer for our Customers.

After starting the cooperation you will be granted access to the login panel for contractors as well as to materials for downloading.


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